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Eavesdropping at Sarah Lawrence College has never before been so much fun.
Sep 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

How do you submit things anonymously?

To submit things anonymously, sign out of Tumblr and use a fake email. If you have two browsers on your computer (i.e. Chrome and Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox) you probably have one that you use most or at least one that you prefer for Tumblr; you can use the other one to submit quotes anonymously.

Sep 13 '14

pls submit quotes


xoxo the mod

Sep 12 '14
"If you’re gonna get someone to sign your butt and you’re not gonna get it tattooed, what is even the point?"
Deep thoughts in Andrews Court
Sep 11 '14
"Yeah… for me it’s rest, for her, it’s a sport."
discussing sleep in the science center
Sep 10 '14
"I liked dragons WAY more than I liked other people as a kid"
Sep 6 '14
"I can’t take Alchemy with Perverts."
Sep 5 '14

We’re back!

Many thanks to the Guest Mod from last semester for holding down the fort.

Remember, the ground rules are, roughly:

  • Only submit anonymous conversations
  • that you have personally overheard
  • on the Sarah Lawrence College campus or from SLC students.
  • The quotes should be funny or enlightening in some way.
  • Anything not anonymous or too rude/graphic/boring will not be published.

Love, The Mod

May 20 '14
"And then you deep-throated a kitkat bar."
May 19 '14
"Wait what the fuck! I’m sitting on a mushroom."
May 18 '14
"Sorry I made awkward eye contact with you while I was drinking my milk."