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Eavesdropping at Sarah Lawrence College has never been so much fun.
Apr 9 '14
"I’m team Pontius Pilate."
Apr 9 '14


so the number of things y’all have been submitting has slooooowed. I understand, it’s crunch time, but that means lots of stressed people saying lots of funny things—so send some our way!


temp mod

Apr 8 '14
"Vodka is a social construct!"
new dorms
Apr 7 '14
"Tonight, there is no tomorrow."
Taylor, New Dorms
Apr 6 '14
"You guys, I feel weird. I might be happy but I also might just be coming down with the flu."
Outside Hill House
Apr 3 '14
"I think you should make tiny Easter baskets for each of us. And wear an Easter Bunny costume. I don’t think that’s too much to ask of a don."
Apr 2 '14
"I’ve been masturbating so much since my roommate moved out"
overheard at Bates
Apr 1 '14
"Have you been reading The Onion lately? Their social commentary is ON POINT."
Mar 25 '14
"We made out and then she was like…
…’it’s girl’s night’"
Mead Way
Mar 24 '14
"I have never had that many friends. I accept the number of people who think I am a douche bag is significant enough."