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Eavesdropping at Sarah Lawrence College has never before been so much fun.
May 16 '14
"These are just the food for the REAL animals."
at the petting zoo event.
May 15 '14
"I don’t understand how you confused ‘fellatio’ with ‘cannibalism.’"
new dormz
May 14 '14
"It’s like a combination italian-peanut butter game."
new dormz
May 13 '14
"I saw someone watching Family Feud in the library last night. I guess we all have our ways of coping."
Female student in the library, during conference week.
May 12 '14
"I stayed up until 6:30 am and I still didn’t reach existential enlightenment what a rip off."
Discussing all-nighters during conference week
May 11 '14
"Just drink a lot and do a lot of drugs and you’ll be fine. Trust me on this."
Slonim Woods
May 10 '14
"I’m trying to do something real here. I’m trying to leave a legacy of partying earlier so everyone can get more work done."
Slonim Woods
May 9 '14
"I think they sell something like that at IKEA…"
Art History Class
May 8 '14
"Do you put the fruit on the yogurt, or the yogurt on the fruit?"
#meta at bates
May 7 '14
"I’m not talking about Batman fighting a lion…. I’m talking about grunge-as-fuck-Batman fighting a wild lion in Gotham."
Overheard in Slonim Woods